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Kimono, Undershirt, Kimono with Detached Sleeves, and Obis

Cosplay by McCall's

A: Lined, full-length kimono wrap has ties, contrast collar, and optional appliqués. B: Kimono wrap undershirt has ties, collar, and narrow hems and may be worn under Kimono A. C: Lined, sleeveless kimono wrap top has ties and contrast collar. Lined, detached sleeves have contrast armbands with elastic and ribbon ties. D, E: Lined obis have fleece interfacing and hook & eye closures. D: Contrast back, bows, piping and French knot detail. E: Contrast bias binding, optional quilting details, and purchased trim.

Skill Level: Easy

Cosplay by McCall's brand patterns feature:

  • Bonus tips included for each pattern
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Durable, bright white pattern tissue paper
  • Cardstock-weight, high-gloss envelope

Cosplay by McCall's Site Exclusive

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Cosplay by McCall´s